The Premiere Satirical Visual Novel of 2019

International Affairs is the first dating sim brave enough to ask the question: “Do YOU have what it takes to seduce a world leader?” With branching paths, witty dialogue and five unique world leaders to choose from, the prospect of achieving world peace has never been so sensual!

Choose from a plethora of fully datable world leaders including Drumpf, the stable, orange genius determined to make dating sims great again; Poutine, a Russian bear lover and leather daddy extraordinaire; Kim, an angry Asian dictator with something to prove; Macaroon, a suave playboy with expertise in the art of “French” kissing; and Justin Truffaut, the kind, considerate Canadian next door.

Romance! Bathrooms! Political intrigue!


  • Massive variety of branching paths and dates
  • Gorgeous hand drawn art that puts the VISUAL in visual novel
  • Bouncy, jazzy soundtrack
  • Hilarious and engaging dialogue written by Dr. Thelonious Spunk
  • Travel to exotic locales including Washington, Paris and Moscow
  • Stuffed full of secrets, with 10+ unique endings!

“Wow, this game sounds incredibly fresh & fun!”

When does it drop and where can I buy it?

International Affairs is set for release on March 30th of this year, my good chum. Currently we are only launching on Steam, but other platforms may be added over the next few weeks.

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