Set in the ultra-exclusive world of the UN, International Affairs is a uniquely comedic visual novel that challenges YOU to romance powerful heads of state whilst attempting to uncover an urgent and sinister threat to global security.  With branching paths, sparkling dialogue, and a dazzling array of globetrotting hunks to choose from, the prospect of achieving world peace has never been so sensual!

Choose from FIVE unique and totally datable world leaders including Drumpf, a stable, orange genius with a wall around his heart; Poutine, Russian bear lover and leather daddy extraordinaire; Kim, an shy Asian dictator with a chip on his shoulder; Macaroon, a suave playboy with expertise in the art of “French” kissing; and Justin Truffaut, the kind, considerate Canadian next door, and your childhood best friend.

Our romantic launch trailer

Romance! Bathrooms! Political intrigue!


  • Massive variety of branching paths and dates
  • Lavishly illustrated art that puts the VISUAL in visual novel
  • Authentic jazz soundtrack
  • Hilarious and engaging dialogue crafted by a team of semi-professional writers
  • Travel to exotic locales including Washington, Paris and Moscow
  • Stuffed full of secrets, with 10+ unique endings!

“Wow, this game sounds incredibly fresh & fun!”

When does it drop and where can I buy it?

International Affairs is out now, my good chum, and available on Steam and!

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