Manchester, NH – September 20th 2019

Publisher Great Idea Games celebrated the launch of their new visual novel, Sexy President, today on Steam. Set in a lushly illustrated world, the eye catching title gives players the chance to star in their own romcom adventure involving a torrid love triangle, the return of cherished friends, and a Jack Russell Terrier who just so happens to be the vice president.

“This is definitely a departure from our previous two titles, in that it’s all about presidents, not politics,” the games creator stated on Twitter. “After over a year spent working on something as big and serious as International Affairs, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to develop something as fancifully lighthearted as Sexy President.”

With adventurous style, innovative gameplay, and Great Idea Games traditionally stunning art direction, Sexy President stands out amongst the crowded field of new indie releases. It is available today on Steam for PC & Mac, before coming later to other digital platforms, beginning in early October.

Our Stylish Launch Trailer

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