Controversial game hailed by critics as, “a beautifully demented masterpiece.”

Washington, D.C.  –  June 21st 2019

Publisher Great Idea Games celebrated the launch of their satirical visual novel, Drumpf: Presidential Dating Simulator, todayon Steam.  Set in a lavishly illustrated 2D world, the eye catching title challenges players to step into the shoes of young “Dreamer” Larry Lopez, and avoid imminent deportation by means of a green card wedding to the President.

“I get that on the surface this could all seem like a pretty flippant and absurdist project,” quipped lead developer Thelonious Spunk.  “But when folks actually sit down with it, I think they’ll find we have quite a bit more to say, than just, ‘wouldn’t it be funny if the President engaged in a torrid gay love affair with an illegal immigrant?’

With its unflinching political commentary, and compellingly propulsive plot, Drumpf: Presidential Dating Simulator seems destined to be seen as one of the most provocative and impactful releases of 2019.  “This has been a true passion project for us,” continued Mr. Spunk.  “And it’s my sincere hope that the fans will be able to feel that passion when making sweaty, digital love to the commander in chief.”

You can view the launch trailer at: and find the games Steam store page at

About Great Idea Games

Great Idea Games is an independent game developer and publisher founded in 2018 with the goal of developing and releasing high quality video games based upon the greatest ideas possible. More information can be found at


Press Contact

Name: Aaliyah Stapleton


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